How to play basketball

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Now that you have done grabbing the knowledge and information lets jump into the basket.

We’ll proceed step by step, I recommend to perform one step, getting a tight hand on that then move to next step, as these things require a lot of practice.

  1. Dribbling

The very first thing to do for playing basketball is dribbling. Dribbling is bouncing the ball with any of your hand and then receiving it again with the same or the other hand and repeat. You can repeat bouncing until you carry the ball with both of your hands, if you bounce after carrying (not including receiving the ball) then it’s a foul. We’ve made a separate blog on fouls feel free to check that out.

The basics and advancement of tricks and skills in basketball revolves around dribbling. So, it’s very important to dribble the ball perfectly. Dribbling is not just leaving and receiving the ball after the bounce, to dribble you push the ball downwards with soft hands and receive it the rewind way you pushed it. You have to receive the ball very softly, with hard hand the ball will bounce of your hands. First try dribbling without moving, try to control the ball with still steps, try adjusting the height of your hand, try changing the speed of pushing the ball.

After you can control ball according to you, try dribbling while walking with normal speed, after this step, try dribbling while running.

2. Control of Ball

One more important thing required with dribbling is contact and control of the ball while running and jumping / shooting. This skills helps you in switching hands while dribbling or to show trick or dodge the defender while attacking.

For this, try dribbling ball with switching hands after every bounce while standing still. After this try the same while walking with normal speed.

After that you have learnt bouncing and throwing the ball according to your need.

3. Shooting

Next step is shooting. Having accuracy in shooting the ball into the basket is must. Because throwing the ball into the basket is the only way to win this game.

For shooting the right way is holding the ball in primary hand (right hand if you are right-handed) to give a push and place your secondary hand on side of the ball to give angle.

Start your shooting practice first from FREE THROW LINE, at start the force you give might not be according to the required force. After you got precision in shooting, switch to different positions within the Three-Pointer line. Practice the same at random positions. After you have got precision in this as well. Try shooting from out of the Three-Pointer line.

Shooting need practice, as much as you can give.

4. Lay-up

Next thing you do for putting the ball into the basket apart from shooting is Lay-up.

You’ll better get some video tutorials on lay-up on YouTube. Because teaching lay-up by blog wouldn’t gonna work.

Hope these tips helps you in building your game. If you already know these basic things be sure to check our blog on Advance tips on basketball

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