Advance tips for Basketball

Before getting your hand on some advance level tips, how about checking some low level information.

Now that you have done that lets get into the basket

Playing Basketball is not about just holding the ball and shooting into the basket, it’s more of a fun game. Positioning of hand while dribbling/shooting is the most important thing in basketball.

  1. Dribbling

In case you don’t know how to dribble perfectly, try bouncing the ball and receive it with soft hand and repeat it – while standing still, moving slowly and running.

For some advance level try dribbling while switching the hand after every bounce, start with standing still then moving slowly then with running.

2. Shooting

Shooting is the main goal of the game, you need to be very precise while shooting the ball, a perfect angle and the required force leads to a basket!!

For the same you need to practice shooting again and again. First place the ball on your primary hand for force and place your secondary hand the side for the angle. Now push the ball accordingly from both the hands( little push with secondary hand for angle and large push with primary hand for force)

Try this from different positions within the half court.

Hope these helps you, but i recommend watching some video lectures on the same that would be more helpful to you.

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