5 Advance tips to improve your Tennis Game

Mastering the game of Tennis requires you to have a basic understanding as well as advanced tips.

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Now that you have an idea about basics.

Here are some tips to advance your game.

  1. Stick with single pattern play: Don’t try to be overly creative on the field and start hitting only those shots which you are fairly confident of.
  2. Serve speed: Instead of speeding up your serves, try and focus on improving your placements of the shots you play. That would significantly improve your game.
  3. Capitalize Weakness: Every match has a five-minute warm-up beforehand. Use that time to get ready to play and identify the weakness of the opponents.
  4. Video Shoot yourself: Shoot some video of you on court with your smartphone. When you watch the clip, you’ll probably be surprised by how many aspects you can pick up on in. If you can’t do it alone, get yourself a buddy.
  5. Footwork: Footwork can make or break your tennis game. Practice a lot of footwork drills. Improving your footwork can greatly take your game to the next level.

Hope these tips helps you and your game.

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