Himank Sports Services

It is with great pleasure to introduce to you, Himank Sports Training one of the leading and most trusted academies founded in UAE for training and development in tennis.

Our Aim

We set to position Himank Sports Services (HSS) as the most vibrant spot in Dubai where every tennis fan can find his needs. Whether s/he is a beginner, a professional, a child or an adult, they will have the special attention and care, and a unique experience that HSS provides.

Our Vision

Discipline and education are the cornerstones of HSS's tennis program. By providing students with the tools they need to face adversity, and become stronger mentally and physically, this one-of-a-kind tennis-training environment is helping young and adult players enjoy success on and off the court.

Our Goals

  • To attract more young people to tennis and keep them playing the sport

  • To help young players reach their maximum potential
  • To create athletes before creating players

    What We Do

    • Tennis
    • Cricket
    • Football
    • Fitness and Health
    • Corporate Games/ Events
    • Corporate Games/ Events

    We Want you to Play

    Himank Sports Services goal is to nurture young talented players starting from the age of four to be competitive, stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. We want to be one of the leading sports service providers offering professional coaching for all sports and fitness activities.

    We are able to provide a wide range of Tennis Lessons for different age Groups